• Your Space

    An oversized storage sanctuary for your recreational vehicles, boats, cars, ATVs and more.

  • Storage Your Way

    Customize and design the perfect space for you.

  • Exclusive Membership

    Private access to the clubhouse and participation in member-only events.

  • Relax and Unwind

    Motor Vault is an escape, your own personal paradise.  It’s reminiscent of the treehouse you had as a kid.

Embark on a new journey of luxury and achievement as you step into the realm of Motor Vault.   After decades of unwavering dedication, bold risk-taking, and countless sacrifices, you've attained a level of success that transcends mere dreams. Along the journey, you've curated an impressive collection- perhaps a fleet of exquisite cars, a top-tier motorhome, or a coveted assortment of boats and motorcycles.  However, the reality is limited garage space and homeowners’ association restrictions on outdoor parking. Introducing Motor Vault- it’s not only the solution, it just makes sense.

Every garage at Motor Vault offers security and effortless accessibility with 20' high ceilings, commercial electrical 14’ remote-control garage doors that accommodate even the tallest trailered boats and motorhomes.  Each unit is equipped with 110V power to multiple outlets, individual electric meters, and an array of other luxurious amenities that redefine the standard of upscale storage. With a myriad of floor plans, we are sure to have the perfect space for you.

Motor Vault reimagines the nostalgic essence of a childhood treehouse- a retreat from the world. Here, it is a getaway where it's just you, your cherished possessions, and the sanctuary of your personal space.  Motor Vault- your time, your space, your place.



1.  Climate.  Exposing a collector car, boat, or motorhome to Arizona's unforgiving summer sun (even if covered) can result in costly damage in as little as three months.  Even within the confines of a home garage, temperatures during the scorching summers can surpass 120°, a level sufficient to inflict substantial harm over time.  Extreme heat accelerates the breakdown of adhesives, paint, seat foam, leather, vinyl, rubber hoses, and various other temperature-sensitive materials.  Such deterioration poses a significant threat to the overall condition and resale value of your cherished vehicles.


2.  Health.  Engaging in vehicle maintenance during the summer heat poses a risk to you and your health. Heatstroke’s and other temperature-related health issues, coupled with the discomfort of toiling in such extreme conditions, detract from the enjoyment of what should be a pleasurable pastime.


3.  Safety.  A major factor contributing to the damage of a collector car stems from the disorderly environment found in residential garages.  These spaces often witness frequent movement of bicycles, lawn equipment, ladders, and various items, posing a potential risk to the well-being of the vehicles stored within.  Furthermore, outside individuals can be prying eyes and could potentially compromise the security of your garage's valuable contents.


4.  Financial.  Real estate has the potential to appreciate over time.  When property values increase, it can result in a profitable return on investment when you decide to sell.


5.  Solution.  For someone contemplating downsizing to a smaller home or those that simply need more garage space, Motor Vault is the answer.  Auto Storage.  RV Storage. Boat Storage.  ATV Storage.  All your toys in one place.


Motor Vault provides a comprehensive solution to address all these concerns. Offering enhanced security and safety, optimal care for your items, and a more prudent financial investment amidst today's inflationary challenges.



The moment has arrived.  You’ve earned it.  Let’s roll!

Picture yourself preparing your fleet of supercars, vintage automobiles, boat, or motorhome in your very own pristine, spacious garage that is air-conditioned, ensuring a comfortable environment.  One that is temperature and humidity controlled the way you need it.  Imagine a refrigerator stocked with your favorite beverages and a private bathroom adding to your convenience.  Envision all your prized vehicles securely housed in one place, accessible only to you. A garage with a ceiling lofty enough to accommodate any type of vehicle lift for additional storage or maintenance. Consider the possibility of a raised mezzanine, complete with furniture, a big-screen TV, and other luxuries.

Imagine concluding your day by gazing down at your collection, raising a toast to a life well lived.  You’ve escaped from the chaos of the outside world into a sanctuary where everything aligns seamlessly.

Your time, your space, your place.  Motor Vault, because you deserve it.


As a young boy I built a tree house. The only limits were my imagination and I set it up  just as I wanted it to be. Nobody entered without my invitation.  No one told me what I could or couldn’t do there.  It was my space, my stuff, my rules.

Looking down from that perch I felt like DiCaprio standing on the bow of the Titanic screaming “I’m the king of the world!” And up there, I was.


At home there were other rules, restrictions, expectations, and limits. But not up there.

I grew up and tackled college, career, business, family, and kids.  Shouldered countless obligations, met never ending expectations, lived for others, and took great pride in it all.

But sometimes I longed to escape for a while back to those carefree days up in the tree house where the only rules were my own.

To recapture that feeling I thought I’d never have again.

Until now.

Motor Vault…..your space, your rules.

- Chip Beck